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Russian Gas Mask Anti-Fog Insert Set MCU-2P Gas Mask Operators Manual RANGER FLINT & STRIKER FIRESTARTER
Russian Gas Mask Anti-Fog Insert Set Unissued U.S. Army MCU-2P Gas Mask Operators Manual. RANGER FLINT & STRIKER FIRESTARTER NATO Jungle BLK/OD  Camouflage Paint Stick.
Russian/Soviet Military Gas Mask Bag Carrier M1 Gas Mask Waterproofing Bag kit New m40 or m45 internal drinking tube. U.S. M17A1 Crown
Usissued Russian Gas Mask Carry Bag w/Shoulder Strap & Side Pockets. U.S. Military Army Surplus M1 Gas Mask Waterproofing Bag kit. New U.S. Military Issue M40 or M45 Gas Mask Internal Drinking Tube M17 series gas mask head strap replacment headstrap
Belgian Engineer Gas Mask Bag French Khaki Gas Mask Carrier Russian Soviet Gas Mask 40mm GP-5 Hose Adapter British ARMY Surplus Magazine Pouch British 58 Pattern.
Heavy duty Belgian Engineer gas mask carrier French Military Surplus Khaki Brown Gas Mask Bag. Russian Gas Mask 40mm Hose Filter Adapter British ARMY Surplus Magazine Pouch British 58 Pattern.
U.S. Army Pineapple Hand Grenade CRP/92-03 M17A1 Operators Manual TM3-4240-279-10 Gas Mask Filter NATO Adapter
De-milled U.S. Army Pineapple Hand Grenade. U.S. Army surplus M17-A1 Protective Mask Disk Filter. U.S. Military M17-M17A1 (TM3-4240-279-10) gas mask operators manual. Canadian/Finnish/Swedish Gas Mask Filter NATO Adapter
Finnish Army Surplus Gas Mask Carrier Bag Pineapple Hand Grenade French Foreign Legion 11 in 1 Chow Set - OLIVE DRAB British S6 Gas Mask Carrier
Finnish Army Surplus Gas Mask Carrier Shoulder OD Bag U.S. military Inert/Dummy Pineapple Hand Grenades. Includes fork, spoon, knife, cork screw, can opener, bottle opener, 2 flat-head screwdrivers, serrated knife with sewing needle, and hex wrench on spoon handle. British Army S6 Respirator Gas Mask Carrier.
Swiss 40mm Gas Mask Canister Gas Mask Carrying Pouches With Straps Soviet Surplus NBC 40mm Gas Mask Filter New m40 or m45 Drinking Tube Connector
Swiss Gas Mask NBC Filter sealed in a hard plastic case for protection. Gas Mask Carrying Pouch With Straps Original and sealed Russian Surplus 40mm NBC Filter. New U.S. military issue M40 or M45 gas mask drinking tube connector.
U.S. M17 Gas Mask Voicemitter Cover U.S. M40A1 gas mask inlet valve cage Rubber Chemical Boots U.S. M17A1 Gas Mask Carrier Bag
U.S. Army Unissued set of two black rubber voicemitter covers. U.S. M40 gas mask inlet valve cover (Cage). New Rubber Chemical Overshoe Boots Army Surplus OD canvas M17A1 bag with snap button closure, shoulder and waist straps.
U.S. Army Gas Mask Leakage Tester Plug Israeli 40mm Gas Mask Hose East German Day-Rain Pack w/ Waterproof Liner
One U.S. Army Leakage Tester Plug for Leakage Detector U.S. Army gas mask winterization kit fits M17A1 or M17A2 masks. New Israeli 40mm threaded gas mask hose/snorkel adapter. East German Army Day-Rain Pack w/ Waterproof Liner.
Ammo Can .50 Caliber 11x7x5.5" Standard Ammo Can Lever-Lock Lid Steel Flat Folding Carry Handle Stackable Heavy Duty Duct Tape 3" 60mm Gas Mask NBC Filter C-3 Canister 60mm NBC
M2A1 Military Ammo Can
Our Price: $24.95
Sale Price: 19.95
You save $5.00!
.50 Caliber M2A1 Military Surplus Steel Ammo Can 60 yards of heavy duty 3" wide duct tape on a roll. New Finnish 60mm thread gas mask filter Canadian military surplus NBC 60mm filter. Fits the C3 Canadian gas mask.
VIBE 9-LED Headlamp Light M10 Gas Mask Filter Set M13A2 filter set M10/M-17 Czech Gas Mask Hood
M10 Czech Gas Mask Hood
Our Price: 29.95
VIBE 9-LED Headlamp Light - VIBE E-ssential VE-382-SLV Headlamp Genuine Cold War East German/Soviet/Czech M-10 NBC Gas mask filters. U.S.G.I. unused M13A2 gas mask filter set for all models of the M17 series NBC gas masks. M10/M-17/Czech Gas Mask Hood
Japanese Air Defense Model B (Type 17th Year) Gas Mask U.S. M9A1 Gas Mask Carry Bag BlackHawk STRIKE Gas Mask Pouch Genuine Russian Soviet surplus chemical gear.
WWII Japanese Air Defense Model B (Type 17th Year) Civilian/Government issue gas mask, filter and carry bag. Unissued OD U.S. M9A1 gask mask canvas carry bag New BlackHawk STRIKE MOLLE Gen 4 Gas Mask Blower Pouch. Russian/Soviet surplus protective rubber gloves with cover-over cuffs for your chemical suit. There's also a last resort Soviet heavy duty chemical poncho. This poncho is a very thick plastic that is completely waterproof.
GP-5 Civilian Gas Mask Soviet GP-5 gas mask
Russian/Soviet Grey GP-5 gas mask, NBC filtering canister and haversack. Original Soviet GP-5 Civilian issue Gas Mask kit. Israeli Military Surplus 40MM Gas Mask Filter 40MM Thread Black Russian GP-5 Civilian issue gas mask that comes with a standard 40mm filter and a small O/D gas mask carrier.
Sealed Avon SF10 Gas Mask Filter SEA SCOTT 3M Particulate/Chemical/Biological Communicator Desert Locust U.S. Military Goggle Kit, Foliage Green
Sealed British Military SF10 Gas Mask Filter Surplus Chemical Cartridge Sealed NATO 40mm thread gas mask filter. SEA SCOTT 3M Particulate/Chemical/Biological Communicators WITH 3M adaptability. Desert Locust U.S. Military Goggle Kit, Foliage Green - Surplus
5x8 blunt force trauma plate 18'' GI GOV'T MACHETE 18'' GI FIELD MACHETE genuine Swedish NBC SKYDDSMASK-51 gas masks
Our Price: 46.99
Our Price: 49.49
Swedish (M51 GasMask) SKYDDSMASK-51 Gas Mask and Filter - M-51
Our Price: $79.95
Sale Price: 49.95
You save $30.00!
This Hardened Steel 5x8 inch Trauma Plate is for most concealable kevlar body armor. 18'' GI GOV'T MACHETE 18'' GI FIELD MACHETE These are genuine Swedish gas masks. These gas masks are in like new surplus condtion and come complete with carrying bag & 60mm filter. A must have for any collection.
C2A1 Gas Mask Filter Soviet R-2 Mask
Original WWII protective gas mask cover. Original 1970's - 1980's era Russian/Warsaw Pact  issued PDF-D Civilian gas mask kit. Unissued U.S. Army/Military NBC C2A1 Gas Mask Filter. Soviet era respirator R-2 protects organs from radioactive dusts.
RSDL Soviet M52 Steel Helmet with Red Star M-40 Quick DOFF Chemical Hood Swiss Army M18 Steel Helmet
Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion or RSDL treats Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) contamination of the skin. Russian/Soviet era M52 steel helmet with a large Communist red star on the front. U.S. Military M40 Quick DOFF Chemical Hood. Swiss Army M18 Steel Helmet. The color is black.
U.S. Army M1 Gas Mask Eyeshields British Army DPM Woodland Camo S10 Gas Mask Carrier M-17 Laser and Ballistic Protection Lenses M9 Chemical Agent Tape
This is an original set of 4 U.S. Army M1 eyeshield lenses. British Army DPM Woodland Camo S10 Gas Mask Carrier Green outsert eye lenses for the U.S. Army M-17 M17A1 M17A2 M17 Gas Mask. M-9 Tape for Chemical Warfare Agent Detection.
Military MRE Fruit 22 Individual Serving Pouches Wet Pak Apples in Sauce, Pears, and Mixed Fruits Canadian Forces Web Set 1982 Pattern 5-Pcs French Military 5 Piece Web Set
Uranium Nitrate Metal Element Sample in Sealed Ampule - 200mg Prepare yourself and family today with our long shelf life MRE fruit. MRE wet packed fruit is ready to eat anytime by simply opening the single serve pouches. All on a 3" wide nylon web belt,brass grommet holes w/Fastex buckle. Includes French web belt,'64 pattern Velcro yoke,2 magazine pouches and a canteen pouch.
18'' GI SAWBACK MACHETE Israeli Issued Model No. 4 2nd Generation Civilian Gas Mask
Our Price: 51.99
Israeli Youth Civilian Gas Mask with Drinking Hose
Our Price: $79.95
Sale Price: 59.95
You save $20.00!
Israeli Civilian Adult Gas Mask
Our Price: $89.95
Sale Price: 59.95
You save $30.00!
18'' GI SAWBACK MACHETE Genuine Finnish Military M61 gas mask. Israeli Military Youth/Child Civilian Gas Mask and filter. Genuine Israeli Issued Model No. 4 (2nd Generation) Civilian Gas Mask With NBC Filter (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical) and Canteen Adapter Tube.
WWII Era M1 Gas Mask Waterproofing Kit 1/10th gram Pure Uranium Metal Element Sealed 81mm Mortar Ammo Carrier Tube Chinese TF-1A Gas Mask
Chinese Army Issue TF-1A Gas Mask and Filter
Our Price: $79.95
Sale Price: 69.95
You save $10.00!
Unissued WWII Era U.S. M1 Gas Mask Waterproofing Kit. 1/10th gram Pure Uranium Radioactive Metal Element Sealed. Cylindrical design with tubular cavity handles everything from munitions, documents, or beverages. Chinese TF-1A gas mask with snorkel and filter.
Soviet SchR2 Casualty Gas Mask Army Air Force Crew High Altitude Face Mask SchM41M Gas Mask
Soviet SchR2 Casualty Gas Mask Original WWII U.S. Army high altitude face mask. Genuine Russian/East German SchM41M Protective Gas Mask, filter and olive drab carrying bag. French/Belgium Gas Mask with Standard NATO Filter.
New U.S. Military C2A1 NBC Filter German Military Decontamination Kit U.S. Army Surplus Web Set 1980 Pattern Canadian Military Surplus  Web Set  1982 Pattern 2
New U.S. Military C2A1 NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) gas mask filters. German Army Decontamination Kit, Original Two One Liter Bottles, OD Green. 1980 U.S. Army Surplus 2" Web Belt Set. 1982 Canadian Military Web Set. Pattern #2, 3" belt with Fastex Buckle.
M-10 M Protective Gas Mask Canadian Military C3 Gas Mask - 60mm Filter Thread Swiss SM-67 Mask PMG Civil protection PMG Gas Mask
Genuine German/Czech M-10 Gas mask. Canadian Military issue C3 Gas Mask and 60mm filter/cannister. Original Swiss SM-67 Civilian Issue Gas Mask Kit Soviet Military PMG Gas Mask complete with NBC filter and carrier bag in very good condition.
H1N1 Virus Protex N95 Respirator Mask NATO MKIII Chemical Suit M1A2 Rifle Grenade Adapter
ProteX N95 Respirator H1N1 Virus Protection Mask - Box of 20 Masks The M95 Cartridge is a combination gas/vapor removing and particulate filtering cartridge. It has a very high particle-filtration capacity and efficiency, is effective against both gases and vapors, due to its high chemisorption and physisorption capacity and features very low breathing-resistance. The M95 Cartridge body is made of reinforced polyamide for high-impact resistance.

NIOSH certified NBC filter.
Original NATO MKIII fully charcoal lined chemical suit. M1A2 Adapter is made to the original drawings and is made to the same specifications as the original.
GENUINE 3PC BRITISH ARMY KNIFE WWll U.S. Army Rocket Launcher Mask Czech Army Respirator and Bag M76 Gas Mask and Filter
Hungarian M76 Gas Mask
Our Price: 89.95
GENUINE 3PC BRITISH ARMY KNIFE WW ll U.S. Army Rocket Launcher Mask in Box Czech emergency respirator complete with bag and accessories. Hungarian M76 gas mask, filter and carrier in very good condition.
Canadian Military C3 Gas Mask Army Chemical NBC protective carbon suit Kit Steel Combat Helmet U.S. Military JSAM 40mm NBC Sealed Filter
Canadian Military C3 black rubber gas mask and filter. U.S. Army Chemical NBC protective carbon 2 piece suit. U.S. ARMY Steel Combat Helmet W/ woodland camo cover. Sealed U.S. Military Joint Service Aircrew Mask (JSAM) 40mm NBC Protype filter.
German Nazi Potato Masher Grenade GENUINE USMC COMBAT KNIFE Iraqi Army M85 Gas Mask and Carrier Russian PBF Gas Mask
Authentic replica of German WWII M24 Stick Inert Grenade. GENUINE USMC COMBAT KNIFE Iraqi Army issue M85 gas mask with updated drinking device and carrier. Russian/Soviet PBF Gas Mask and Filter - Black
Grey Russian PBF Gas Mask DPM Chemical/Biological Suit U.S. M17A1 Gas Mask Microphone WWII Army Argentinian Argentina Light Gas Mask
Russian/Soviet PBF Gas Mask and Filter - Grey Genuine British (DPM) surplus chemical suits. U.S. M17A1 Gas Mask Microphone. Fits all M17 gas masks. Authentic WWII Argentinian military issue 'Light" Gas mask in fair condition to average condition.
British Army Mk.1 Light Gas Mask Respirator Set U.S. MIA2-I-I Adult Civil Defense (Noncombatant) Gas Mask and Filter Unissued WWII Era French Army C38 Gas mask SOOM Emergency First Responder ReBreather
Unissued surplus set includes a WWII era MK.1 gas mask, Drager filter canister, NATO adapter and a British WWII green canvas carry case. WWII era MIA2-I-I Adult Civilian (Noncombatant) gas mask complete with filter and carrier. WWII era French Army C38 gas mask packed in the original gray storage canister with carry strap. SOOM Emergency First Responder Re-breather.
French Indochina Military OTAN M51 Helmet Russian/Soviet VPHR Chemical Weapon Detector M65 Camouflage Chemical Suit U.S. M45 SOG Breathing Hose Tube
Original French Indochina Algerian Military OTAN M51 Helmet Genuine Russian/Soviet VPHR Portable Chemical Weapon Detector. Unissued Finnish Army issue Military M65 Camouflage Chemical Suit. New U.S. Army M45 gas mask SOG Breathing Hose Tube.
IDF M-15 Gas Mask Bulgarian Military PDE-1 Gas Mask Russian USSR military gas mask GP-4 Electronic Voice Amplifier for M40/42 Series Protective Gas Mask
Israeli IDF Army Military M-15 Gas Mask
Our Price: $129.95
Sale Price: 114.95
You save $15.00!
Genuine Israeli Defense Forces Military IDF Issue M15 Gas Mask. Unissued Bulgarian Army Issue PDE-1 Gas Mask, Filter and Carrier. Original 1960's Russian GP-4 civilian/military issue gas mask and filter. Sealed unused condition Electronic Voice Amplifier for M40/42 Series Protective Mask Gas Mask.
East German M66 D Helmet U.S. Army Camelbak Chemical Resistant Reservoir Blackhawk Chest Rig ESAPI Plate Carrier
East German Army Cold War M66 "D" Helmet. U.S. Army Issue Camelbak Chemical Resistant Reservoir. U.S. Army Surplus Blackhawk Chest Rig ESAPI Plate Carrier in OD Green. Uranium Nitrate Metal Element Sample in Sealed Ampule - 1.0 gram
French ANP M51 Gas Mask M2-2-1 Child Gas Mask Navy Diaphragm (ND) Mark V gas mask 500mg Uranium Metal Element
French Military ANP M51 Gas Mask Respirator
Our Price: $149.95
Sale Price: 129.95
You save $20.00!
French Military issue M51 Gas Mask, Filter and carrier. WWII U.S. Military M2-2-1 Noncombatant Child Gas Mask and Bag Scarce U.S. Navy Diaphragm (ND) Mark V gas mask & canister. 1/2 gram Uranium element ampule of 99.9% pure Uranium Metal - great for testing Geiger Counters.
U.S. Army M735 Inert Projectile M42 Gas Mask Coversion Kit German Field Phones - Set of 2 Original Phones US Military H-161 E/U Headset Microphone - new, unopened
U.S. M735 training round for the 120mm Smoothbore Tank Gun or APFSDS (Armour Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot) round. U.S. ARMY M40 to M42 gas mask conversion accessories kit. German Field Phones - Set of 2 Original Phones H-161E/U Headset, US Military Radio Headset Microphone - new
Czech Army Fm.3c Gas Mask Respirator Soviet GP-5 Gas Mask and Accessory Kit Police CM-1 Helmet with Face and Neck Shield Serbian M1 Gas Mask
Czech Military Issue Fm.3c Gas Mask, Filter & Carrier. Soviet GP-5 gas mask with large chemical accessory kit. Police CM-1 crowd/riot management helmet with face and neck shield. Serbian military issue M1 Gas Mask kit.
U.S. Army M735 Inert Projectile M256A1 Chemical Agent Detector Kit M-17 US Army Gas Mask
0.517g Pure Uranium-238 Metal Element in Glass Ampule U.S. Army M735 training round for the 120mm Smoothbore Tank Gun or APFSDS round. U.S ARMY chemical agent detector kit complete with 12 test kits and instruction cards. US Military Issue M17A1/M17A2 (M17) Field Protective Gas Mask and filter.
3M FR-64 cartridges British ARMY Surplus Chemical/Vapor Detection Kit Romanian Army M85 Gas Mask WWII Army Argentinian Argentina Gas Mask
3M FR-64 cartridges British Military Chemical/Vapor Detection Kit. Unissued Romanian Army M85 Gas Mask with extras. Authentic WWII Argentinian military issue Gas mask in fair condition.
M65 German Army Gas Mask and Filter Kit Israeli Z56 Gas Mask and Filter M40A1 eye glasses metal frame insert f Acme No. 6 Gas Mask
The Drager M65 German Army/Civilian Gas Mask is an updated version of the M62. Numerous versions of the M65 were made including a version for civilians designated the M65Z. Original Israeli 1968 Army/Military Z56 Gas Mask and Filter. Prescription glasses metal frame insert for an M40A1 Gas Mask U.S. Military / Civilian Gas Mask Acme No. 6 w/ Chin Style 15-M filter canister.
Soviet SM-1 (ShM1) Helmet Gas Mask 1943 British Army Mk. III Gas Mask Service Respirator. WWII Era British Civilian Special Service Respirator Gas Mask Kit
WWII Era British Civilian Special Service Respirator Gas Mask Kit
Our Price: $199.95
Sale Price: 169.95
You save $30.00!
Rare Soviet Army issue SM-1 Helmet Gas Mask, Chemical Canister and Carry bag. Hazmat Nuclear Biological Chemical Suit with Gas Mask Respirator

British Military NBC Hazmat suit Factory vacuumed sealed for protection and preservation.  Hood Included.

Protective Gloves & Boots

Size medium
Rare WWll era British Army Mk. III Gas Mask Service Respirator with Type E filter canister. WWII Era British Civilian Special Service Respirator Gas Mask Kit
Vintage NAVY ND Mark V Gas Mask Carrier with Trench Art Russian Army Chemical NBC Protection Suit SEA Scott Full Face Gas Mask Respirator Unissued U.S. MIA2-I-I Adult Noncombatant Gas Mask Complete Set W/ Box and Manual
SEA Scott FP Full Face Gas Mask Respirator w/ SMALLTALK voice speaker system
Our Price: $189.95
Sale Price: 174.95
You save $15.00!
US NAVY ND MARK V gas mask carrier/bag with trench art. Soviet Army chemical protective suit with hood, socks, and boots. One size fits all. SEA /Scott full FP face panorama full view mask respirator for use with 40mm filters or supplied air. Unissued 1943 U.S. MIA2-I-I Adult Civilian Non-combatant Gas Mask Complete W/ Box and papers.
U.S. Army M28 (XM28E4, Grasshopper Mask) Riot Control Agent Mask Lightweight GP-7VM / PMK-2  Gas Mask Kit T.35-SIR II Black Gas Mask (Pirelli) CD V-717 Model 1-Geiger Counter
Vietnam era XM28E4 / M28 Grasshopper riot control gas mask and carrier. New Russian GP-7VM / PMK-2 gas mask and filter - Complete kit! Original WWII Italian T.35-SIR II black gas mask was manufactured by the Pirelli Tire Company Civil Defense Department instrument CD V-717 Model 1 Radiological Survey Meter issued for civilian use during nuclear attack or reactor meltdown.
Unissued U.S. Army Lightweight Service Gas Mask M4-10A1-6. Draeger - Full Face Mask F2 SGE 150 Gas Mask and Filter C.6 Special Service Respirator
Unissued U.S. M4-10A1-6 Lightweight Service Gas Mask and Carrier. Unissued - German Police Draeger f2 full face gas mask and tactical carrier. New SGE 150 Gas Mask and NBC Filter. 1942 British Civil Defense Special Service Respirator
MARK IV Gas Mask Serbian M2 Gas Mask with filter and carrier SMARTAF Baby / Infant Protective Wrap Gas Mask Military M9 Combat Service Gas Mask
Serbian Army M2 Gas Mask with filter and carrier
Our Price: $229.95
Sale Price: 199.95
You save $30.00!
U.S. ARMY Surplus M9A1 Combat Service Gas Mask
Our Price: $229.95
Sale Price: 199.95
You save $30.00!
WWII U.S. NAVY Diaphragm ND MARK IV Gas Mask, Filter and Bag. Serbian Military issue M2 Gas Mask with filter and carrier. Israeli SMARTAF baby / infant / child protective wrap gas mask. Post-WWII produced M9A1 combat service gas mask and M7 flotation bag.
German Military Protective Suit Set U.S. Military NBC Protective Carbon Sphere Suit L1 Soviet Russian Army Military Chemical Protection Suit Bulgarian MC-1 Gas Mask Respirator
Complete German ARMY Issue Protective Suit Set. Brand New, never been issued! U.S. Military Issued NBC Protective Carbon Sphere Suit. Original Soviet Army L-1 Chemical Protection Rubber Suit. Bulgarian Military issue MC-1 Gas Mask Respirator
3M 7800S Full Facepiece Respirator Iraqi Army M-59 Gas Mask Navy MCU-2/P Gas Mask U.S. Army M3A1 Diaphragm Gas Mask Military Respirator
3M 7800S Full Facepiece Gas Mask Desert Storm Iraqi Army M-59 Gas Mask, Filter and Canister Surplus U.S. Navy/Air Force MCU-2/P Chemical and Biological Military Gas Mask Kit. U.S. Army M3A1 Diaphragm Gas Mask WWII Military Respirator
Unissued Korean ARMY HK-K1 NBC Gas Mask Chinese Military M69 Gas Mask CDC Staff Dry Chemical Particulate Suit M40A1 Field Protective Mask
Unissued Korean Military K1 NBC Gas Mask, Filter and carrier. Chinese Army Military M69 Gas Mask, Carrier and Filter. Complete CDC Staff Bio/Dry Chemical Hazard Particulate Suit U.S. ARMY M40A1 Field Protective Surplus Gas Mask Kit.
IP-5 Rebreather Gas Mask U.S. Army M14A2 Tank Gas Mask w/Carry Bag and Filter Canister U.S. ARMY M2A2 Service Gas Mask and Carrier Czech CM-4 Gas Mask
Rare Russian IP-5 Rebreather Gas Mask Vietnam era U.S. Army M14A2 Tank Gas Mask complete with Carry Bag and Filter. WW ll U.S. Army Heavyweight Model M2A2 Service Gas Mask. Rare Czech military issue CM-4 Gas Mask
Korean Military Issue K1 Gas Mask German Clora Model 31 Gas Mask 1940 Italian Army T.35 Gas Mask Czech Army F.M.-3c Gas Mask
Genuine Korean Military Issue K1 Gas Mask kits. Very rare WW II German Military issue Clora type gas mask. Original 1940 Italian Army T.35 III gas mask in its original packaging. Rare WW ll Czech Army Fatra F.M. Series Gas Mask Filter, and Canister.
Polish Army OM14 Gas Mask and Filter C4 Gas Mask M3 Diaphragm Gas Mask Spanish Degea Gas Mask
Polish Military OM14 gas mask, filter, hose adapter and carrier. Canadian Military C4 defense gas mask/respirator developed by DREO. U.S. ARMY Issue M3 Diaphragm Gas Mask and Kidney Bag Spanish Army Degea Gas Mask from WWII.
Surplus Avon S-10 M9A1 U.S. M95 Gas Mask and 3m P100 NBC Filter
Chinese Army MF4 Gas Mask
Our Price: 279.95
British Army Surplus Full Facepiece Respirator Avon S10 Gas Mask Respirator, filter Rare Chinese Army MF4 Gas Mask, Filter and Carrier in excellent condition. U.S. Military M9A1 Field Protective Surplus Gas Mask Kit Unissued surplus SCOTT M95 Gas Mask and M95 NBC Filter/Canister.
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